Royal LePage

We put together national social media campaigns for Canada's Real Estate Company, Royal LePage Canada. These campaigns have specific goals - for example recruitment, or reach - depending on the goal we create custom graphics, and videos and set up the appropriate target audience, managing the budget, objective and campaign on a weekly basis. 

A recent recruitment campaign brought in hundreds of qualified leads for brokerages across the country. A series of 12 ads, 2 video and 10 static graphics were used to achieve this. When we work with companies we help them with everything from concept, to design, to set up, to trouble shooting, to reporting and cumulative observations and next steps. 

Whether you want to grow your facebook audience, gather leads for your email database, sell products online, recruit awesome team members or just get your brand in front of as many eyeballs as possible - we're your gals. 

You can find our ads running on the Royal LePage Canada, and Royal Lepage Quebec facebook and instagram accounts periodically.