An extension of your team...

Think of us as an extension of your team. 
When you sign on with Sparrow you sign on with a team of motivated, driven and hugely creative professionals who will come to care about your business and its success and growth just as much as you do. 
We want to see you happy, successful and sustainable and we will bend over backwards to get you there. It is our aim to make you feel connected and as involved in the process as suits you. Our project management style is highly connective, with daily updates and one on one support. 
Among many incredible attributes, the sparrow symbolizes devotion, community and productivity through team work. 

Essentially we want you to feel that we are an extension of your internal team - without the associated (staffing) weight and (financial) burdens. 
Samantha Pollock
Samantha is a brand, communications, business development and marketing consultant with more than seven years of diverse, international experience. She has worked as cmo, brand manager, director of communications in more than 13 different countries before the age of 28. From video, photography, web design, print design and social media to business development and brand concepts she's your gal! 
Partner, Brand & Marketing Consultant
dreams in digital
Nicole has over 5 years of professional experience in digital marketing. She is an analytics geek and keeps everyone around her organized. Nicole will boost your business using every possible digital tool you can imagine, from Google Adwords to landing pages and social channels - she's a digital diva sans the attitude. 
laura DiCesere
Laura brings sparrow blue's offerings to a new level. With a background in programming, html, css and serious web building laura knows how to make all of our wacky ideas a reality! 

Have an online challenge? Laura is your gal. She is super fun, friendly and fierce and we couldn't be happier to have her on-board!

Programmer, Web master, Content Marketer


When simon isn't following our clients downhill backward on skis you might find him flying a drone over snow capped mountains, catching a perfect sunset shot or in the middle of the forest go-proing his bike trail. 

SImon is a fabulous addition to our team - he will go where none of us will - he is constantly trying out new technology and owning it as quickly as he picks it up. 
Simon Pollock
Videographer, photographer, content marketer


risk taker